Top Rated Dissertation Writing Software

Top Rated Dissertation Writing Software

Graduate students reach out to us each year to learn about the latest software technologies to help with their dissertation writing. We are always glad to test everything out there and to present our findings in a simple list rating the absolute best ten. These have been collected and submitted by students, teachers, and researchers alike and have proven to be among the most popular tools in the academic writing world. Here is our list for 2019:

  • Grammarly – Available for Linux/Unix, Mac OS, and Windows.

    This software application is a standard in the writing world. There aren’t many professionals who stray from this or even want to do submit work without first running a “grammar check.” There are two versions of this available: a free and a paid service. Anyone who is working on his or her dissertation should have this in their toolbox.

  • Freedom – Available for Mac OS and Windows as well as phone apps.

    One-quarter of your time in an hour is used up checking social media, shopping and news sites. Freedom puts your habits in check by attacking negative habits you develop over the course of a college career. This is among our highest rated free sites you can use. Download it today!

  • Write or Die 3 – Available for Linux & Unix, Mac OS, and Windows.

    This should be higher on our list… but this is only how individual interests lay. This software puts a burning fire under you and forces you to work. Different goal sets, grace periods, word counts, and more will get you writing quickly and efficiently.

  • Rescue Time – Available for Linux & Unix, Mac OS, and Windows.

    You can probably guess that we are heading to a trend here: productivity dissertation writing software tools. Rescue time is entertaining because it creates challenges that seem video game-like. Consequences and rewards continue to push writers towards their ultimate goals.

  • 750 Words – Available for Linux & Unix, Mac OS, and Windows.

    If you look up most academic assignments you will find that each page is roughly about 250 words following the standard educational standard and format. Three pages can easily be achieved by writing just 750 words and this program helps you achieve this goal.

  • Focus Time – Available for Linux & Unix, Mac OS, and Windows.

    This app gets you to work without the bells and whistles. The application tracks your progress on a per hour, per day, or per week basis. Set your goals and get updates to know how far along you are in meeting them.

Looking for more one-on-one assistance? On Dissertation Team we’ve got the writing and editing experts who can work with you throughout the dissertation writing process. We know that even with the help of the software we rate in this article, you might still need more support. That is why we are available 24hours and 7 days a week throughout the year. Take control of your academic future by consulting with professionals.

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