Guide to Formatting Your Dissertation or Thesis in MS Word

Guide to Formatting Your Dissertation or Thesis in MS Word

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Writing a dissertation or thesis is challenging. There is no way you can write without knowing the correct format to follow. You have to ensure that you take the paper seriously because it is your ticket to graduate. There is no way you can graduate school with a shitty dissertation or thesis paper. There is a format that can help you write my thesis online of an excellent quality.

Step1: Guidelines

If, in any way, you are thinking of getting a good grade on your paper, you have to take the instructions seriously. There is nothing you will be doing if you begin writing without reading the guidelines. You have to read the guidelines and ensure that you understand them before you do anything else. You have to follow all of them without fail for your paper to be considered excellent.

Step2: Format

You have to know the correct way to present your work. Use the font that gets required of you without changing anything. If you fail to use the exact font, you will be lying to yourself. You have to use the proper margin of not more or less than 1.5 inches. You have to ensure that you arrange your paragraphs well and space them correctly so that your work can appear neat.

Step3: Spelling Checker

If you ever make a mistake of submitting your work with wrong spelling mistakes, you will get negative reviews and will have to repeat everything all over again. There is no need to spend time writing a paper then fail to correct your mistakes. After you get done with writing, check your spelling by using a spelling checker. If you are not comfortable with that, you can always use your dictionary. During the writing process, the dictionary will have to be your friend.

Step4: Inquire

If you have any questions, do not wait until it is too late for you to ask. After reading the guidelines and notice there is a part you do not understand, take your time and ask around so that you are sure of what you are doing. If you hesitate and start writing before you ask, you will be lying to yourself.

Step 5: Heading

There is no way you can write your heading the same way you write your paragraph. There has to be a difference so that the reader can understand your work without struggling. There are different styles you can use to make your headings better.

Step 6: Table of Contents

There is no way you can write the table of contents alone. Do not even think about it because you will miss your work. Word has everything that you will need and a table of contents among them. If, in any case, you do not know how to go about it, you can always ask.

Step7: Bibliography

You have to know the right way of writing your bibliography. It has to get single-spaced, and there should also be a blank line between the entries. For you to stay on the right track here, ensure you try using MS word. Your work will get appropriately arranged, and every entry will be in the right place.

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