How You Can Successfully Avoid Plagiarism in Academic Papers

How You Can Successfully Avoid Plagiarism in Academic Papers

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There are many articles online that can help you write a revamped academic paper. To avoid theft of other people’s ideas and thoughts, you need to make your writing as authentic as it can. A good writer knows how to avoid plagiarism. Here are some tips to be accurate.


When you’ve done your research and found the most suitable sources that you can apply in your paper, start by writing a draft that entails what you have read using your words. It is imperative not to lift the precise phrases as you see them in the original copy. Ensure that you do not incorporate more than two terms of the author in a line. The process will take your time, but as a researcher, you should rephrase the words. If you intend to quote the authors, you can incorporate their sentences using quotation marks.


The best and probably the most straightforward way the word plagiarism in your paper is to cite your sources correctly. Ensure that you pay attention to the guidelines that uplift formatting in writing styles, including APA, Harvard, MLA, and Chicago since they are the most used writing styles in most Institutions.


If you decide to quote a writer, avoid making any changes to the original copy. Ensure you utilize the ideas of the author verbatim. It will be very awkward and disappointing to misquote other people’s opinions or thoughts instead of paraphrasing them. As you write, ensure that you meet your institution’s demands since several universities turn down many quotes that are more than forty words.

Citation of your ideas

You should ensure that your ideas are authentic. In case you might have used some of their words or thoughts in your previous academic research papers, and you probably want to utilize them again since they are related to the topic you are writing on, you must ensure that you cite yourself. The idea of naming yourself may sound a bit off or weird, but since you have already done your work in the previous paper, you should ensure that you quote or cite your thoughts in a similar way you do to any other writer or author. If you utilize your previous ideas without any citations, you will plagiarize yourself.

Write reference page

You may write an outstanding paper that doesn’t have any plagiarized content, but you should remember to include a reference page at your article’s ending. After citing all the sources, you used, ensure that you check with your University if you have followed the ruleset. Different schools have got other formatting guidelines, and every institution sticks to its preferred one. Most of the formatting procedures will have you write the author’s name, the publication date, the title, and the source of information.

Utilize plagiarism checkers

Assume probably come to the end of your paper, the next thing you should do is edit and check for any form or instances of plagiarism. After you corrected earlier grammar and mistakes about the style of writing, use a plagiarism checker to detect any condition that may be in any sentence. Ensure that you retrieve a percentage of the plagiarism score since that will help you improve your paper. after doing all that, go through your article one more time to ensure that you have adhered to your University’s rules and then submit it.

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